Life is a Dream

“Rachel Griesinger portrays both roles, performing remarkable split-second character and costume shifts as she builds a romantic relationship with herself.” – Time Out Chicago, Oliver Sava

“Rachel Griesinger is able to navigate between playing the characters of both Astolfo and Estrella – often in the same conversation – quite adeptly. Griesinger fully commits to the situation, all the while, Calderon’s language sounds most eloquent when she is speaking it.” – Chicago Theatre Beat, Keith Glab


Talk Radio

“Several of the actors, especially Rachel Griesinger and Jacob Murphy, give charming, spirited performances.” – Gapers Block, Randall Colburn


Street Scene

“Impoverished mother Hildebrand (Rachel Griesinger) brings some tension to the piece with her chilly demeanor.” – Chicago Theatre Beat, Scotty Zacher


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